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All units are completely remodeled! Ceramic Tile and More Ceramic Tile, Crown Molding, Fresh Paint and appliances! ​
Typical Dinning & Living Room 2Bd Rm
Typical Dinning Room 2 Bedroom
Typical Kitchen for 2 Bedroom
Typical Tub Surround
1 Bdrm Living Room
2 BedRm Dinning Room & Kitchen Entry
2 Bedrm Loft Kitchen To Dinning Room
One Bedroom Entry and Living Room
Some 2 Bd Rm Living Room Flats
1 Bed Room Entry and Book Case
Some 2 Bedroom Closets
2 Bd Rm Entry & Dinning
Many countertops are done in ceramic
1 Bed Rm Living room
Typical 1/2 Bath Downstairs in our
Kitchens in 2Bd 2 Bth and 2 1 & 1/2
Dinning Room To Kitchen
1/2 Bath in 2 Bd Rm 1 & 1/2 Bth MDL
More bathrooms
All Bathrooms done a bit Different
2 Bd Rm Living Room
Another Kitchen
Loft Apt with Dinning Area
Living Room area 2 Bdrms
Another 1/2 Bath
2 Bedrom Dinning and Kitchen Entry
2 Bedroom Flat Style
Loft Style Kitchen With Passthru
Loft Style
2 Bedroom Flat Style
Loft Style
Tile Entry to keep the dirt out
Loft Style Dinning to Kitchen
2 bedroom Flat Kitchen
2 Bedroom Entry and Living Room
2 Bedroom Bath
Tile Entry To Hall Area
2 Bedroom Flat Kitchen
1 Bedroom Kitchen LARGE!
HUGE Walk In Closet 1 Bedroom!
Typical Bathroom
Typical Bathroom
Tile Entry to Tile Hall way
1 Bed Room Bath
1 Bedroom Dinning Room
Typical Tub Surround
1 Bedroom Dinning Area
2 Bedroom Dinning and Living Area
Loft Kitchen
2 Bedroom Dinning Area
Tyupical Tub Surround
2 Bedroom Flat Bathroom
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